Sunday, 18 August 2013

Simply the Best!

My other half agreed to be a guinea pig today - I was testing my teaching skills on him!
He hated art at school because he couldn't draw and in those days you didn't make it to the painting stage if you hadn't drawn it first!
We started off with a charcoal drawing - the subject being a single apple. I had to keep reminding him to look at the subject, but I feel he did really well. B kept smudging the drawing with his knuckles and was getting a bit frustrated so I decided to get onto the painting part!! I mixed a few colours on the palette for him. After that he drew his apple, placing it off centre, with a watery mix, on his small board. He was so good at laying the paint on with the brush. He just got on with it and seemed to be enjoying himself ( he would never admit it, just humouring me, he would say). 
In no time at all, he was done. I asked if he'd like to sign it - to which he replied "I'm not quite finished" - so funny!
Well done, my dear - you're a star!!


  1. So sweet and heart warming!

  2. Thank you Maggie, we had such a laugh! Hope all is going well with you!