Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 2 - Art and Craft Trail

Too tired to cook last night, we got a takeaway - bad move! I spent half the night suffering from heartburn! Consequently, I woke up tired and grumpy! The sun was shining - lovely to see, but the wind was so strong that our "collage" gazebo lifted completely over the table etc inside and was heading for next door when B saw it from the kitchen window! We now have it tied down in all directions and pray it will last till Monday is over! This didn't help my mood unfortunately and on top of everything else, I am ashamed to say, I went into meltdown!
Sadie took me down to sit in the sun, outside the studio and relax, showing me how to make patchwork triangles! We have had another lovely day, I sold another painting and the girls did really well too!
I love seeing the kids' collages, they are all so different. It was lovely to see young Fraser here again - he is a very talented wee boy - he has become a violinist in the last year, a prizewinning one too! One young lady plans to run her own magazine when she grows up and going by her collage design, she might just do it!

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