Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 1 - Art and Craft Trail 2013

I set my alarm for 5am - I like peace and quiet in the morning and with scones to make and my hair to blow dry (love the result but hate the time it takes), I dragged myself out of bed!
The rain was lashing against the windows, the bunting over the front gates was being thrashed by the strong winds - that's it, I thought, the day is going to be a blooming disaster - let's just cancel the whole thing! I was going to ring Irene, my dear friend who was coming over from Lockerbie to help, and just tell her to stay at home and put her feet up!
Just look at my ladies having their cream teas just after 11am, basking in sunshine!!! Who would have believed the day would change? I had my first sale about the same time too!
Unfortunately, we didn't photograph all the kids and their collages but here are the ones we did get! What a marvelous bunch creative children!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day, must be pleased.

  2. It turned out just great! Hope things are improving your end, take care