Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 12 - Likely Pear!

After my late night, early morning and SNOW.. I got home late afternoon to start my daily painting! Luckily the studio floor had dried. On the way home I did my food shopping and bought these lovely pears.
I have only ever painted pears in pastel, which I love doing! So using oils has been fun today! We had a wonderful time at my dear friend Irene's surprise 60th birthday party last night! Boy, was she surprised!!
My studio floor has dried so all I had left to do was paint along and under the counter and storage shelves. I started this after I got my pear painting finished of course! I was halfway through the floor when I realised that I was painting away from the door and trapping myself inside!!! Luckily I managed to squeeze myself under and over my plan chest, easels, trolley etc and start at the other end!
Tomorrow I plan to paint Cathy's subject suggestion with a floor connection!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Page, Sundays are my best days, it's downhill all the way from there!!!

  2. Fantastic colours, one of my favourite subjects too.
    (I'm looking forward to tomorrow's painting!)

  3. Thanks Cathy, it's all set up for tomorrow!

  4. I really, really like these pears - almost a Cezanne feel to them, which to my mind is a wonderful complement.

  5. Thank you Julie, you are very kind! I just thought about what colours I would use if I was using pastels! My day 13 painting is the opposite - quite detailed!It wasn't intentional, just happenened!

  6. Painted yourself into a corner, did you? I think I saw a cartoon once of Donald Duck doing the same thing to himself. ;)