Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 7 - Orange Today!

I have been out working all day today so this has been my most difficult day so far. My shoulders are aching from tension! I love Gerberas and find them very hard to paint as I want to paint every single petal but I DON'T want to paint every petal!
I am happy with how they have turned out - eventually! They were wiped a couple of times! My studio is a shambles, I am climbing over lamp cables, cups, mugs, gessoed boards, etc. 
The vintage car I painted earlier was done a long board that I gessoed black. It only covers about a third of the board. So I started on the flowers on the remaining part of the board as it was black and I was practising (you know how you do). So of course I really like this painting now and it is attached to my car!!! To make matters worse, the car is landscape and the flowers are portrait!! Am I making any sense? 
Now for my next problem, I have all these paintings to do but I also need to paint my studio floor before next week before my classes start again! Aghhh!!!!

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