Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 22 - Peggy's Spoon

My second daily painting on a black ground! I feel I am beginning to get back into it - this one isn't as dark as yesterday's! I love turquoise blue and would use it in every painting if I thought I reasonably could but it stains my brushes! 
I love this spoon, a set of six my late mother in law gave me. They are 1950's and the handle tapers off at the end, very stylish! I know I haven't shown the end of the spoon, I ran out of board! Maybe next time! I will be giving the cherries a miss for a little while - B has now eaten them! I have eaten the are getting low!


  1. I know what you mean about the turquoise blue. My pthalo turquoise is staining my bristle brushes something fierce. I'm glad I buy cheap brushes. Maybe I'll just dedicate a couple of brushes to that color. I do love that color though. Makes some of the nicest skies I've seen when coupled with titanium white.

  2. Morning Dave, or is it evening with you? 7.17am here. I am ready to now go back in the house and clean off all this paint! I not much of a landscape girl, I keep trying but never happy with the results - I will try the pthalo sky next time!

  3. Beautiful...Love your cherries from a few days ago..Bet B ate those too

  4. Fabulous painting of the spoon and those reflections. I am in awe.

    My turquoise blue does not stain so I guess it has less pthalo in it.

  5. Love how the spoon is painted Margaret and the effect it has with a blue background!
    I like your introduction in Blogger. It nicely sums up how i feel as an artist :)