Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 29 - Elvis had Blue, I have Green!

These are my painting shoes, green suede slip ons - I wore them on the first day of my first "proper" painting class and I am still wearing them today - well, NOT today,as I have been painting them, I have been in my stocking soles!
I wear them whenever I paint, I wear them at Life Drawing Sessions twice a week, I wear them probably more then I should - like to the supermarket for milk etc! That's why my new blue leather mules were bought - so I can respectively nip to the shop!


  1. They must be lucky! Great subject and fun color!

  2. Thank you Cathie! I was struggling with a plum painting this morning and for some reason looked down at my shoes! I slipped them off, dumped the plums and we were off!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Page - I am all behind looking at everyone's work - I can look at the weekend now I don't HAVE to paint!

  4. My daughter used to stand with one foot over the other just like you have the shoes positioned.
    Sweet memories so obviously I LOVE this painting.

    1. Oh that is a nice memory, thank you Julie