Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day eleven - Green Glass of Home

This is my last on this theme, I have used all the cups and saucers in my set! my husband came up with the title, which I love! I am sure Tom Jones would approve! I gave myself the challenge of capturing all those different greens. All the paintings in this series have been mixed from the same palette of just 7 tubes plus white.
6" square oil on board, incl UK postage £110

The cup and saucer seem a bit wobbly, now I see it here, the right lip of the saucer isn't dark enough. The temperature had dropped so quickly, I decided to take a photo quick and head for the house so I didn't get iced in! The paving was really slippy, as I teetered up to my back door! I'll sort it all tomorrow. It is all very well closing up my theme, what do I do now? Nothing from a photo if I can help it, I find myself getting so frustrated, when I don't have the subject right in front of me!


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  2. Beautiful work! Love all from your series.

  3. Thank you , you are so kind! I really enjoyed doing them too. Now to think of something else to paint!!!!

  4. Wow, terrific variety of surfaces. I love that light avocado color.

    1. thank you so much, I have mixing these colours

  5. Besides being in this 30 day challenge as a painter, I am a potter and i am here to tell you that slightly wonky ceramics often means they are hand made so don't let that bother you so much. :) I am enjoying your paintings.

  6. Thank you Mimi, I hadn't thought about that!!