Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day Five - Red & Green Never to be Seen

This was the little still life I set up on Friday morning for Mark, who came along for an oil painting lesson.
I did think about doing another dog painting but as the still life was there, why not?

I have changed the colour of the background from the original as it was very dark and was making the apple top edge very hard. I am happier with it now though I hate the shine showing on my photo! The little tomatoes were literally just a few strokes!
Looking for a title, I was brought to mind the saying my mother always said "Red and green should never be seen!" She was just repeating what her mother told her, and on it goes. How wrong they were! I love red and green together! What would be Christmas be without red and green in abundance?


  1. So true! I hope you ate your set-up after Mark painted it - looks delicious. :D