Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day Fifteen - Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

Using song titles again today, a bit more up to date this time!! The dark glass is a devil to paint - every time I've attemped it before, the painting has ended up the bin. It is not like any other glass I own, the light barely shines through it. I love the shape but wish it was a bit more transluscent.
I was up at 5.30am today again, that extra hour really helps - I get a good start on the piece, can have a break and still have loads of time to get it finished! I am actually ahead of myself, so tomorrow I may have a lie-in!!
6"x6" Oil 
Half way through the challenge!!!!!!


  1. What a great idea for a,painting! I love the mixture of reds. The composition is perfect in having varied sizes and shapes for the subject matter gives it great interest. Very nice!

  2. Thank so much and also for coming to look at my blog in the first place!!