Friday, 3 January 2014

Day Three - Yellow Peril

This is a new subject for me, the plant vehicles working on the construction site in my town. I wasn't brave enough to snap away while the builders were still on site which might have been more interesting - I might sneak over, taking my little point and shoot, the only problem is I have a much better zoom lens on my big camera!
I found myself wanting to render them as if they were brand new, all shiny and ultra yellow!! Such a shame they were REALLY dirty!

I have had a better day, gave a one to one painting lesson this morning and got on with my 30/30 the rest of the time. The weather has been dire - rain and really strong winds, causing flooding in town. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be calmer.


  1. Very neat little vehicles! Nicely cropped, too. Good luck with the weather and stay safe!

    1. Thank you Cindy - weather still the same - we live right at the top of the town, thankfully!!