Friday, 17 January 2014

Day Seventeen - Magenta and Green

On another theme by the looks of things, it just crept up on me! My lime green jug is too short and dumpy to put the carnation in, so I settled for a green glass jug. The handle has a crack where it joins the body of the jug but of course, with artistic licence, I can paint a "perfect" jug!
6" oil on board, incl UK postage £110

Yesterday I bought a beautiful copper pot - it was in the charity shop window all week but unfortunately they don't open Mon,Tues or Wed so I was terrified I would forget to go down on Thur at 10am when they opened and miss it!
I was standing just inside the florists, chatting, keeping my beady eyes on across the street, when I saw a car double parked and recognised the man as a dealer who frequents the two charity shops regular and knows a good thing when he sees it! I ran to the shop door and stood waiting for them to open - my nose practically pinned to the glass!! As I stood there another antique dealer came along.........Aghhhh!!
I decided to try the door, even though it wasn't quite 10am, IT WAS OPEN!! So I stepped inside and made my purchase, PHEW!


  1. That was an exciting story!! ha! I'm so glad you got that copper pot. I can't wait to see it in your paintings!
    Lovely still life. The glass is perfect and shadows are wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much, I hope to use it later in the year when I start on some bigger work , hopefully! I am like lots of people, getting tired painting small....thank you too for visiting my blog