Monday, 13 January 2014

Day Thirteen - Saddle Up

I am afraid this is a cheat day - I just haven't been myself today and have worked away at a painting for hours that ended up as a wiper by 5pm!
This morning I decided to bake an orange cake and put everything in the mixer, turned it on at the lowest speed - flour, egg, margarine, all came flying out, over me, the floor, the worktop and everything sitting on there!
I put as much back in the bowl as I could and kept mixing. I eventually got the cake in the oven. NOW to clean up, I stretch forward to get the kitchen roll holder, managed to only grab the roll and the holder fell on my toe!!!
6"x6" Oil in Wide Solid Wood Frame £135 incl UK postage
This little 6" square oil was shown in the Whitehouse Gallery and is still for sale! It has taken me ages to write this little piece, I keep making mistakes!! Time to rest, I think!!!!


  1. I like all these blues. Your comment made me laugh - we've all had days like that. Some paintings paint themselves in an hour and I just hold the brush. In others I fight it for hours before the wipe-out. What I can't figure out is why it doesn't occur to me to quit for the day when it all seems to be going downhill.

  2. How true Sandra, I knew hours before I was getting nowhere!!

  3. Oh bless you! Perhaps you could have photographed the strewn cake mix and called it a Margaret Pollock! Now that there's distance between you and the event, I hope you can see the funny side. Sending you lots of Christian love, xx

    1. I can laugh now ! Lots of friends seem to have days like this, being of a certain age, like me and also a bit of "overheating" if you know what I mean!!!