Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Day Fourteen - Rose of Cimarron

I am using this title as one of my all time favourite songs is "Rose of Cimarron" by Poco (showing my age, don't care). I need to download it to my ipad but haven't quite worked out how to do it!
I got myself up at 5.30am today to get on with my painting for today! 8am and I am done!!!!
6"x6" Oil on board £110 incl UK postage
I painted this rose previously on a black ground - I much prefer this one, I felt I was fighting with the black. This time the ground was a dull lilac colour, I have left patches of it showing through.

Last January I got out of bed at 5am every morning to do my painting but it really exhausted me. I am meeting Auntie Mary today at 12 so need to shower, blowdry my hair (takes forever) and I have a couple of jobs to do down town before I head off. I'd love to get ahead and start tomorrow's painting but it ain't going to happen!


  1. Nicely done. I have struggled over roses so I appreciate your brushwork.

  2. Thank you Sandra. I loved painting it this time round, simply because of the sympathic ground colour, lesson learned, steer clear of black grounds!!

  3. Oh my! I'd forgotten that song - takes me back to 5th or 6th Form - oh!!
    Gorgeous rose, by the way!

  4. PS. Set up an iTunes account then download away...

  5. Thank you, loved doing this one! glad you remember the song. I tried to download it one day but there were so many versions. I find when songs are updated without the crackles etc, a bit of the atmosphere is lost. Vinyl is on the up!!