Saturday, 25 January 2014

Day Twenty - Five - Something for my Other Eye (Aye)

This is a little painting of the rest of the carrots my husband brought home. Now I've completed the two paintings I can now eat them over the weekend!
It has been fun mixing orange, I think I have only used the colour in one painting, before acquiring the carrots, and even then, just a tiny amount!
6"oil on board incl UK postage £110

I read in our local paper this week, that we will be having farmers' markets once a month, starting in March - can't wait, think of all the still life possibilities!!


  1. You've got the colour just right, avoiding the temptation to go too bright. The green of the foliage is spot on too.

    1. Thank you mo! I find orange coloured things quite difficult at times! I work with a very limited palette too.