Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day Thirty - The Eyes Have It!

Well, I have struggled to find some energy today...... I hoped to go out with a bang, instead of a whisper!!
This collection of eyewash glasses is dedicated to Darren!!
My email got read out on AHA today, which was lovely! Thanks for all the visits and comments during the last 30 days!


  1. I love all your work with glass. You make it shiny and transparent and still use painterly strokes.

  2. Thank you Sandra and for all your comments and encouragement! I havent had a chance to look at everyone's work for a couple of days. My classes start today so was up at 5.30am to start packing the car. I can catch up at the weekend thankfully and get to view your pieces!!

  3. Congrats on the 30/30, Margaret! Fine work.

  4. Thank you Dianne and congrats to you too! I have spent hours tonight trying to catch up with everyone's paintings, there are so many!!

  5. Your glass painting are very nice, I think glass is very hard to get right.

    1. Thank you Colette, I love painting glass but these were really hard!