Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day Seven - Golden Pair

I hold my hands up - I have cheated! This painting was done before today! I am just so glad I had this one spare as I have had a hectic day, with no painting done, other than preparing my still life in situ, doing my notan sketch, loosely placing the items on my board and mixing my colours!
6"x6" Oil 
I cooked and baked all morning ( burning one tray of shortbread) then my little treat to myself arrived by courier! I couldn't afford the ipad I really wanted but managed to buy a refurbished one from Apple which is the size and has the memory I need!I have to get myself a cover, so will see to that later. My pilates class restarted tonight - my muscles have been well and truly stretched, I could readily head for bed but I have to work out how to set up my new toy!! I promise tomorrow I will get my little butt down to the studio and PAINT!!!


  1. We all cheat a little....not matter as this is a beautiful painting. I love Still Life. I am one day behind and may have to cheat myself.

  2. Well, Patricia you have made me feel less guilty! Thank you!

  3. Sounds like you had a well-balanced day! This is yet another highly accomplished painting - the glass, the spoon! Fantastic! I might have to sign up for a lesson with you!

    1. That would be good! Thank you so much for commenting and visiting,